Fishing In Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan might not seem like the first place you'd think about when you're looking for a Canadian fishing vacation, but it's not all farm land.  There are two main regions in the province: the plains to the south and the Canadian Shield in the northern part.  The shield is full of lakes, formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.  There are over a hundred thousand lakes in Saskatechewan, and nearly all of them are great for anglers.  Fishing in Saskatchewan is a great choice for anyone who loves the sport.

There are some truly impressive fish out there for the catching.  Walleye in excess of eighteen pounds have been caught in both winter and summer, and northern pike between fifteen and forty pounds are caught every year.  Huge lake trout, perch, arctic grayling, and other species are also regularly found.  There are more than sixty-five species of freshwater fish in the province, enough to satisfy anyone.

If you're going fishing in Saskatchewan, try for one of the many walleye in the rivers and lakes.  The water systems are clean and cold, and produce some of the best tasting fish around.  Of course, if you're looking for a challenge. you can try the fun of a northern pike.  This excellent eating fish is abundant and easy to catch, but puts up a serious fight that even experienced anglers will find challenging.

There are a number of species available for those who'd prefer trout fishing.  Saskatchewan trout include rainbow trout, brook, brown, and lake trout species.  They can be caught on everything from flies to jigs to spoons. 

There are three major fishing regions in the province, and each offers a slightly different experience.  There are plenty of fish in each, and lots of good places to stay.  In the south, large, fast pike, trout, and walleye tend to live in the lakes and reservoirs.  Most of these lakes are even close to urban centers.  All are road accessible.

In the central region, the clear rivers and lakes are also often road accessible, but where the shield meets the plains, some lakes are only accessible by air.  The further north you go, the more the lakes will feel untouched by humans, but the less accessible they get.  These lakes are best reached by air, and offer some of the best and biggest fish available.  There are many options, allowing every angler to get what they want out of fishing.  Saskatchewan has it all.